At Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) our goal is that every patient should experience our True North Patient First philosophy, our staff, physicians and volunteers should identify us as a Great Place to Work and together we will perform, high-quality, efficient and cost-effective care Using Our Resources Wisely for our patients to have a great experience from admission to discharge.

In 2016/2017 we refreshed our 2013/16 Strategic Plan and identified three of the seven Health Quality Ontario (HQO) suggested Quality Improvement Plan [QIP] indicators that we will focus on. In addition to our QIP indicators we have identified three operational strategic priority indicators that we need to focus on based on what our data is telling us. Namely: 1. Interprofessional Collaborative Care; 2. Our finanical health; and 3. Retention and recruiement of physicians and staff.

View our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

View our QIP Workplan

View our QIP Progress Report

Patient First

  • No Adverse Events
  • 100% Patient Satisfaction
  • No Waiting

A Great Place to Work

  • Developing Top Talent

Using Resources Wisely

  • Zero Waste
  • Data Driven Decisions


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