Electrocardiogram (EKG)

The electrocardiogram (EKG) records the electrical impulses that stimulate the heart to contract. It is a valuable record of the heart's function.

Here at The Brantford General Hospital and in the Cardiac Diagnostics department, our main goal is to provide quality diagnostic testing to adult, paediatric and new-born patients, who are ill, injured, or in varying stages of recuperation from therapeutic or surgical interventions. We also provide services to out-patients, as well as routine exam and pre-operative patients who see us for diagnostic intervention.

The technological staff of Cardiac Diagnostics Department are registered members of the Cardiology Technologists Association of Ontario (CTAO).

Important information for patients having an EKG:

  • Please ensure your chest, arms and legs are free of oils and creams
  • Male patients with excessive chest hair may have to be shaved in small areas, allowing for good lead contact and an accurate EKG
  • Patients are asked to lie as still as possible and relax
  • Six tiny electrodes are placed on the bare chest and both bare arms and legs
  • The test takes approximately five minutes.
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