Mental Health Counselling Program

"The counsellors are very helpful. They don't make you feel unimportant. They make you feel good about yourself. The workers make you feel that you can trust them. They talk down to earth and not all medically so you don't understand what they say and don't need a dictionary. They are very friendly and understanding and never push you to do anything. They give suggestions but you make the choices." Client

Mental health problems affect people of all ages, cultures, ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. We believe that the negative stigma that is sometimes associated with mental health concerns is unfounded.

Moreover, we believe that people can be helped to effectively enhance their own mental well-being. Through counselling, people can be helped to increase their self esteem, improve their coping skills, enhance the ways that they communicate and relate to others and effect change within the social systems and communities in which they live.

Our Service

Our service is delivered by a group of highly skilled professional therapists. Therapists work in partnership with their clients to define the problem to be addressed and the people to be involved in counselling. Therapists are trained to work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Therapists are able to assume counselling, advocacy, education and consultation functions.

Referral Process

Our service is appropriate for residents of Brant County who are sixteen (16) years of age or older and who are seeking assistance for a mental health related problem.

Consult your family physician or psychiatrist for a referral to our service. Once referred, our Secretary will contact you to set up an initial interview. The Intake Worker will help determine if our service is the most appropriate one to meet your needs.


The service is offered free of charge as part of the Brant Community Healthcare System's Mental Health Program.

Note: There is a cap on the number of sessions that we can provide due to the enormous demand for service.

Clients are seen by appointment. We do have an Attendance Policy, so please notify us in advance if you are unable to keep an appointment and make arrangements to reschedule.

We Have No Waiting List!


The Brant Mental Health Counselling Program uses a team approach to treatment. Information is shared with members of the multidisciplinary team involved in your care. Information will not be shared outside the treatment team without your prior knowledge and consent except as required by law.

Download our Mental Health Counselling Program brochure here.

For More Information Contact:

The Brant Mental Health Counselling Program

Mailing Address:
The Brant Community Healthcare System
Brantford General Site
E Wing Main
200 Terrace Hill Street
Brantford, Ontario N3R 1G9

Phone: 519-751-5530
Fax: 519-752-7146

  1. One out of every eight Canadians can expect to be hospitalized for a mental illness at least once during his or her lifetime.
  2. One and a half million people living in Ontario have some form of mental illness; 38,000 are severely disabled by schizophrenia, affective disorders and other mental illnesses (4.1 per 1,000 population).

The Graham Report, 1988

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