Jim Hornell, President & CEO, BCHSWelcome to the Brant Community Healthcare System

I want to personally thank you for deciding to join our team here. You’ve made the right choice!

Patients are at the centre of our service. It does not matter what department you work in or what your job is.
We are all expected to serve – serving patients and families by providing the highest possible quality of care or serving those who do provide clinical care. Together we all contribute to the care provided to our patients.

Hospitals are incredibly complex organizations. We rely on our tools, computers, clinical equipment and facilities to help people get well. But, by and large, the most important element for healthcare is our staff, the people who make it all work. Without you, we couldn’t serve our community and keep them healthy.

The world of healthcare is changing. Nearly half of your tax dollars goes to healthcare and today's health consumer [patient] has high expectations for not only the right clinical outcome but also for being involved in making decisions about their care and for being treated with courtesy and respect.We exist only as long as people are willing to come here for care and not seek services elsewhere. Patients are not the "captives' they once were. That is why it is so important to remember that customer service is paramount at the BCHS.

There are a few things here that we pride ourselves on. In your first few days at the BCHS, you will notice a friendly and helpful attitude among our staff here. You will also notice the high esteem we place upon cleanliness and infection control. Make sure you clean your hands regularly when you enter and leave our facilities. Help us to keep the bugs out of our hospitals. They hurt people and chew up valuable operating dollars.

You may also notice the importance we place on quality improvement. We are committed to providing exemplary care to those we serve and if there is a better way of doing something, let your supervisor know. We are not afraid to be innovative. Don’t be afraid to ask why something is done a certain way.

We have an open door policy here. If you can’t get an answer, let me know and I will try to find the answer for you.

Over the next few weeks, you will be learning about your new job and about our organization. I encourage you to find out more about our mission, vision and values. As well, our strategic directions are important and keep us all on the same path.

It takes a special person to work in health care. I trust you are special and the care and/or service you provide to others is very special. Good luck and enjoy your job.

Jim Hornell
President & CEO
Brant Community Healthcare System

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