picture of three nurses, two male and one female smiling with their hands over each others shoulders.Do I have to do anything prior to orientation?

Please see the attached requirements for medical clearance This document will provide important information as it relates to Organizational Health, and your requirements as a new employee. The information outlined in  your welcome email must be submitted within 14 days of your start date. Should you have any questions, please contact Cindy Hayward-Dale, Health & Wellness Coordinator

You also need to complete required pre-orientation reading. In order to meet the standards of Accreditation Canada, as well as those legislated by governmental agencies or identified as corporate priorities, all new BCHS employees must be familiar with basic information about safety and security, compliance, confidentiality, infection control and some human resources policies. These requirements help the organization comply with legislated requirements.

Please see the attached for further information regarding Staff Scheduling. You will receive your schedule prior to orientation from one of the members of our Staff Scheduling team.

Day 3 attendees - please click here for your lifts & transfers orientation presentation & here for your checklists that must be reviewed prior to starting.

Nursing staff -Our Clinicians are excited offer clinical competency based orientation packages to each of you. Please refer to the links below based on your department.

For Critical Care nurses - please click here 


Do I have to submit/bring anything to orientation?

On your first day of orientation, you will meet with Diane Hammer, Pension and Benefits Administrator. In some cases, this meeting will be scheduled prior to orientation. Your Recruiter will discuss this with you if applicable. You are required to bring:

  • Void cheque/direct deposit form
  • Photo ID (see below for requirements)
  • Criminal Background Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening
  • 2 copies of your offer letter

On your first day, you will be required to present Identification to Diane Hammer, during your new hire meeting. You must present one (1) document from the list of Primary Identity Documents. You must also present an additional document from either the Primary or Secondary Identity Document lists – 2 pieces of identification in total.

Where is orientation?

Orientation is located in the Boardroom, on E Wing Lower Level 3. The location is subject to change, based on number of attendees. You will be notified if there is a change in location.

How long is orientation?

Hospital orientation is a total of 5 days, Monday to Friday, followed by on-unit training. You will be scheduled for a minimum of 2 days orientation, with a start time of 8:00am. For clinical staff, orientation ranges from 3-5 days. Upon offer, your Recruiter will inform you of the number of orientation days required for your designation. Furthermore, you will be given a specific schedule prior to your first day of orientation, which outlines the amount of days, the hours, the presenters and the topics.

What do I wear to orientation/what is the dress code?

The first 3 days of orientation are in class; therefore business casual clothing is most appropriate. After your third day, you will then be required to wear your uniform as you will be in class and on unit.

Brant Community Healthcare System adheres to a strict dress code. All employees who regularly wear scrubs to work are required to wear a specific colour scrub top (based on your designation) and black scrub bottoms. We find that this helps patients and their family members understand what role everyone plays in their care. 

All employees are required to begin wearing their designation specific scrubs upon hire. Employees are required to purchase scrub tops from our vendor on site, Positive Identity. Positive identity has a pop up store on site at the Brantford General. The store hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am to 4:00pm. 

Employees are responsible for purchasing their scrubs from the vendor during or before orientation week, during the store hours described above. Positive identity has an online order option available to employees, however it is recommended that you first visit the store to select styles and ensure proper sizing. 

In order to ensure you have your scrubs on time, orders must be made on or before Day 2 (Tuesday) of orientation. The store is located on the main level of the B wing of the hospital. A map has been added to your information package to show you how to find the uniform store. 

As part of your uniform, you are also required to wear your Employee Identification Badge at all times. Please ensure you submit a photo prior to orientation to security@bchsys.org to ensure you receive your badge. All new employees are required to wear their badge no later than the second day of orientation.

How does parking work?

If you would like a monthly fee deducted from your pay once a month, you can sign up through the Security Command Centre (B Wing Level 1). The fee is roughly $50 a month, and this gives you access to the majority of the parking lots located conveniently around the hospital.

If you do not want a fee deducted from your pay, you also have the option to pre-pay for parking. You may do so by visiting our Business Cashier, located in the A wing, near Tim Horton’s. You are able to pre-pay for parking weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc., and you will still receive an employee discount.

Please note: If you pay for parking daily, you will not receive an employee discount, and this is paid for at the machines located throughout the hospital.

When do I get my offer letter?

You will receive your offer letter in your welcome email which will require your review and signature. Please bring a signed copy to your meeting with Diane Hammer.

What if I still have questions?

If you have further questions, or would like clarification on anything listed above, please feel free to contact the Human Resources department, at extension 5526.

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